Why have liver patients suddenly started increasing in hospitals?

New Delhi: There are many reasons for liver damage, but these days the biggest reason for liver damage is obesity. However, about 10 years ago, in rare cases, liver damage occurred due to obesity. Such cases are increasing rapidly in hospitals. This is to say of Dr. Siddharth Srivastava, Professor of Gastroenterology Department of GB Pant Hospital.
He told that 40 percent of the patients coming to our department in the hospital every day are liver patients, out of which 10 percent of the patients are obese. This is going to be the biggest challenge in the coming days. Apart from regular exercise, people should avoid packaged food, momos, burgers, pizza and other fried foods. Dr. Siddharth explains that symptoms of liver damage come quite late.
By then about 70 percent of the liver is damaged. If someone is feeling constantly tired then they should be alert. First of all, they should get ultrasound and blood test done for fatty liver, which will make it clear how damaged your liver is. He told that if a person is suffering from Hepatitis B, C and is obese along with consuming alcohol, then his liver can get damaged very quickly.
Therefore, such people need to be very careful in their eating habits.