Whole Body PET CT Scan in Mohali – Superb Diagnostics

Catch the glimpse of the advanced medical imaging technology in service with Whole Body PET CT Scan in Mohali. Equipped with advanced technology and diagnostic methods, we offer complete image-guided solutions for diagnosis and intervention. Medical radiation technology institute is the service provider in Mohali where the whole chain of competent radiologists and technicians is working to provide high-quality services.

Pentahedron's Whole Body PET CT Scan is a highly advanced and effective tool for diagnosing and identifying health problems and diseases of the human body like cancer, neurological diseases, and cardiovascular diseases. Here our PET CT captures high-resolution images and also analyses allowing the physician to make a correct judgment on the patient’s condition and future course of treatment.

The comfort and protection of our patients are some of the core values that we pride ourselves in, thus offering patients a smooth and stress-free process from arrival to completion of the scan. Our Whole Body PET CT Scan service in Mohali is dedicated to providing patients with accurate scan images for more informed healthcare decisions. From diagnostic scans to complicated tests, we take pride in our commitment to ensuring that every patient receives the best possible care for optimal health outcomes.