Where to Find the Best Gourmet Pasta in Melbourne

If you are to go and visit Melbourne, one thing will strike your eyes and it isn’t the Eureka Tower or the Royal Botanic Gardens. It’s the budding and vibrant food culture. Everywhere you look, there is a local restaurant serving up delicious meals and dishes for a crowd of guests.

There’s nothing more interesting than to experience Melbourne’s mix of cultures in its myriad of cafes, bars, bistros, and restaurants. Whether you are up for modern, western, or even exotic flavors, the city has got your back.

Melbourne’s eclectic dining scene proves one of many things. Its rich culture embraces a startling array of world’s greatest cuisines, from the classic favorites through to the new and fresh dishes.

There’s no denying that Italian cuisine is woven into Australia’s food culture more than any other cuisine. Aussies enjoy pizza, gelato, insalata, and of course, pasta. Many people take delight in the piquance and familiarity of this cuisine.

For most, it’s a delicious treat, a top pick, and an absolute delight to gobble up a plate of gourmet pasta. If you’re one who is on the lookout for the best gourmet pasta, then you need to head straight to Cucina Dolce.

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