Braro Industries is one of the world’s leading and most trusted companies specializing in export-import all Electrical & Lighting Products and Ceiling Electrical boxes, Wholesale. Started in May 2020 to... Read More

A Paddy weeder is an accessory or an attachment of an agricultural baffle reaper that enhances it. The use of a paddy weeder is to remove weeds in paddy fields... Read More

KisanKraft Baffle Reaper Machines are multipurpose powered garden or agricultural equipment used to harvest crops like paddy, wheat, grass cutter, and trim crops like mulberry, weeds, grass in gardens, etc.,... Read More

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KisanKraft KK-RRT-8R is an 8 row 4 stroke diesel Paddy Transplanter, which is powered by 4HP, 269cc engine which ensures that your rice farms run smoothly, with efficiency and speed... Read More

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