Swimming pool SAFETY covers

We are Skordis Hydrodynamics Ltd, an established company since 1995 in the area of Pool Construction and Water Treatment. With our 25 years of experience and expertise, we help pool owners or candidate pool owners construct and maintain a pool that they both love to use and enjoy. Simple things in life are the best. That is why our mission is delivering exceptional water experiences in the most economical, smart and functional way. During the years, our products & services along with our processes & systems implemented, helped us maintain our high-quality standards and deliver our promise to our clients of lifetime support for their best pool enjoyment. Splash into a better, smarter way to pool is our slogan followed day after day to adapt in the constantly changing markets and keep up with the technological and chemical advancements. That’s why we constantly come up with breakthroughs and innovative ideas that both save money to our clients and make their life easier when it comes to pool construction or maintenance.

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