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OMR Application Forms

OMR Application Forms

Submitted by • February 6, 2015

OMR application forms
Most colleges or educational institutes require students to fill application forms before filling the admission forms. The purpose for this is to sort important information which helps to check whether the student is eligible for admission. As the colleges receive loads of application forms from students, manually checking each of them becomes difficult and time consuming. This sometimes leads to errors too. Due to this, many colleges use OMR application forms for this purpose.
The OMR application forms have four index points on its corners that make it different from the normal forms. These index points make it possible to scan the OMR form, thus making it easy to assess and check every form without giving rise to any mistakes. However, it is important that students fill the application forms very carefully. Even a small error can make scanning impossible. Hence, here are some of the things that you have to follow while filling such a form.

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