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Mahseer Angling In India

Mahseer Angling In India

Submitted by • June 9, 2013

For Fishing India, we need to take permit from Forest Department if we are organising fishing camps within the park. With tremendous increase in Fishing India, Indian government has laid down strict rules and regulations for these fishing companies for example there was a suggestion from State Forest Department to suspend Mahseer angling in India especially near stretches of Cauvery River and nearby allocated areas. Mahseer Fish is found in Malaysia, Indonesia, across Southern Asia including Indian Peninsula. Mahseer fish food is considered to be extremely exotic and highly admired. Mahseer fish food is in huge demand and sells at high market price. Because of this huge demand, overfishing and increase of river pollution this specie is considered in danger of extinction and therefore Mahseer angling in India is prohibited in certain areas.

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