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LED UFO Lights 100 Watt 13,000Lumens 130lm/W SMD LED

LED UFO Lights 100 Watt 13,000Lumens 130lm/W SMD LED

Submitted by • April 7, 2020

Efficiency is important when choosing lighting for high ceilings. Since the lights will work in a higher range, it is necessary to maximize the illumination for optimal illumination. With the intelligent design of UFO LED high bay light products, design is part of efficiency. These luminaires are finned and contribute to a more even transfer of thermal performance for a wide range of powerful illumination.

UFO LED High Bay lights are an impressive evolution of warehouse lights or high ceiling lights. Compact and small, these lamps pack a large number of impressive new LED technologies and a large number of high-quality light outputs. There are no longer huge metal halides or high pressure sodium fixtures but a modern, cool UFO light fixture to enjoy. In addition to the warehouse, these are cool lights for retail, restaurants or other interesting open areas that needs high bay lighting.

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