In Bihar, BJP is getting less benefit from Nitish and more loss?

The election war has reached its peak in Patna, Bihar. Lalu's family has entered the election field aggressively. Its effect is visible among the voters. Keeping in mind the Lok Sabha elections in Bihar, Bharatiya Janata Party has made a mistake, or right, by bringing Nitish Babu to BJP.
Its decision will be taken only after the election results. But the way the situation is looking now. According to him, BJP is gaining less and losing more from Nitish Kumar. Nitish Kumar's credibility has decreased among the voters. The atmosphere against him is also visible among the voters. BJP's votes are also not turning in favor of Nitish Babu. The way Nitish Babu is giving strange statements. This is also having an adverse effect on the voters. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has kept him away from his rallies and public meetings. Even after the alliance between Janata Dal and BJP, BJP is not getting the benefit from it.
The condition of Janata Dal candidates is bad. Due to this, the entire equation of BJP is getting disturbed in Bihar. The way huge crowds are gathering in the rallies and meetings of India Alliance in Bihar. A different kind of enthusiasm is being seen among the voters towards the India Alliance. It has changed the equation of Bihar Lok Sabha elections. Nitish Babu is going to suffer the most in this Lok Sabha elections. This is clearly visible. Even their candidates are not getting the votes of BJP and LJP.