How to Use the G2000 Maxi Ladder Rack, Double Drop Down Ladder Racks – Gentili US

The G2000 Maxi ladder rack is one of the most innovative and high tech solutions when speaking of ladder racks. It is able to match any vehicle and any ladder. In addition, it is also adjustable and removable when needed. The G2000 Maxi ladder rack comes in 3 models, differing in size, respectively 98.42 inch, 112.20 inch and 129.92 inch. They are appropriate for low roof vehicles, medium and high roof vehicles. The ladders are mounted side by side onto horizontal bars. The main parts of each model are made of anodised aluminum and stainless steel components. With this item, both ladders can be slid very close to the ground. They arrive in a vertical position which allows for ergonomic management and smooth operations.