As potent and effective as Chi Activation is, it does not replace other modalities. Naturally, you’ll get on just fine if it is the only modality you ever learn (in fact, you’ll get on better than fine!), but if you have already learned other modalities, you’ll discover they work well with Chi Activation.

WHY? Because most healing systems teach a lot besides hands-on/hands-off healing. So learning to access different healing frequencies is only a part of what they do. Take Reiki, for instance. It has five major pillars (meditation, Reiki precepts, Reiki attunements, hands-on/hands-off healing, symbols and mantras). So the ‘healing with the hands’ component is only a small part of what it teaches. In that sense, it is a bit like a Swiss Army knife. It has many tools and is a brilliant all-round healing/spiritual/meditation system.

Naturally, Chi Activation teaches more than just connecting to energy frequencies (it is particularly strong on meditation), but tapping into different 'flavours' of chi is where it truly excels. It teaches you to access a vast range of frequencies, something that will dramatically expand the potential of your healing work.

In that sense, it is a healing method for ‘chi connoisseurs’. It is a method for anyone who hates limits, for anyone who knows intuitively that we all possess infinite healing potential.

So if you want to journey deeper into the wonderful world of chi, if you want to access more of your innate healing ability, you’ll love Chi Activation.