How are people earning money in lakhs through the MPL app?

I genuinely don't think people are earning lakhs through this app. But I can guarantee you that this is one of those legit apps which pays you money.

All you have to do is – play games ; lots and lots of it.

There are many games in this app. The more you win , the more you earn.

I have earned nearly 200 rs within 10 days and I think the graph will only rise in the coming days.

As a tip, I will tell you the following: First, play rummy for converting the bonus cash (which you get when you install the app) into winnings cash. You can withdraw winnings cash only, not bonus cash. Or you can deposit a certain amount of money to start with.

NB :Use this referral code for earning the joining bonus :- NDHHBLBH

After that, you shouldn't play cash battles just because it is interesting. You can try out all the games without spending any money. You should find out the game which is more suitable for you and you should train yourselves to become an expert at it. Then, you can start to play cash battles and thus you can earn real money.

You can also refer this app to your friends and earn 75rs bonus cash for person you refer.

Stay safe and happy gaming.

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