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Give Donation And Support Dawateislami

Give Donation And Support Dawateislami

Submitted by • August 11, 2015

Fitrah, fitrana or zakat-ul-fitar are the terms used to portray that money which is mandatory to be given to the poor before Eid-Ul Fitar. This money is paid to the poor people with the objective that they can fulfill their needs on the eid day. Dawat-e-Islami has been, as it were, involved with addressing and spread of Islam through print and electronic media. Your endowments, for instance, Zakah, Fitrah and Sadaqat-e-Wajibah are spent under the principles and regulations of Islamic Shari'ah. Make your Zakah, Sadaqat-e-Wajibah and other donation for Dawateislami.

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