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Flat Die Series Granulator

Flat Die Series Granulator

Submitted by • July 15, 2019

Flat die series granulator
The flat die series granulator is generally divided into two press rolls or a plurality of parallel press roll granulators, which are mainly suitable for making feed pellets with more organic fertilizer particles and fibrous materials. If it is made of fuel pellets, it can be made, but the wear on the machine is very large, so the cost is increased, so it is not applicable. In response to this problem, on the basis of drawing on foreign advanced technology, China has developed a cone-shaped roller granulator, which differs from the two pressure roller series in the following points:
First, the tapered pressure roller is used, and the two ends are consistent with the linear velocity of the inner and outer rings of the die plate, and the misalignment friction between the wheel and the die does not occur, the resistance is reduced, the kinetic energy loss is reduced, the service life of the mold is prolonged, and the production is reduced. cost.
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