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Electric Single Player Golf Buggy

Electric Single Player Golf Buggy

Submitted by • July 5, 2013

It’s a busy life…. work, spouse, family, kids, shopping, chores. Where does it stop? Well it doesn’t, it just keeps on going on. If your not retired (and some that are!) then finding time for a game of golf can be a real hassle, even if it’s a regular event you still need to get back and do something somewhere!! So if you could speed your game up 20% and have a heap of fun doing so, you would be interested wouldn’t you. Of course you would. Well playing a round of golf on a Golf Skate Caddy speeds your game up by allowing you and your buddy to go to their ball separately whilst having a heap of fun doing so. Golf really has just become a much more fun and exciting game to play for a whole new reason.

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