Discover Monay from Tilli Software: A Trusted and Leading Payment Facilitator

Payment facilitation, facilitated by entities known as PayFacs, revolutionizes the payment landscape by simplifying the acceptance of electronic payments for businesses. These intermediaries streamline onboarding processes for sub-merchants, providing consolidated platforms that handle various payment aspects. By partnering with PayFacs, sub-merchants bypass the complexities of establishing their own merchant accounts, enjoying faster onboarding and simplified procedures. Payment facilitation entails creating seamless payment experiences, easing onboarding, managing payment risks, aggregating transactions, and offering value-added services. Merchants benefit from faster payments, reduced complexity, cost savings, enhanced experiences, and scalability when partnering with PayFacs. Selecting the right PayFac involves considering industry experience, integration options, supported payment methods, security measures, pricing structures, customer support, scalability, and growth potential. Monay, Tilli Software's flagship PayFac, excels in compliance, offers multiple payment modes, and prioritizes user convenience.