Dexa Scan in Mohali – Superb Diagnostics

Dexa Scan in Mohali An ultimate bone scanner for a bone density check. Dexa Scan is a diagnostic tool used to determine the bone mineral density of the patient with osteoporosis with a high level of precision using the technique of dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry to establish early bone loss that requires monitoring and therapy.

This tool for assessing bone strength in Mohali becomes the most critical diagnostic tool that provides unmatched accuracy in diagnosing the state of the bones to determine treatment and manage a concern on fracture risk and general health. Dexa Scan is a less risky procedure and it is completed in a short time and does not cause any discomfort to the patient and still gathers vital information regarding skeletal health.

For diagnosis of bone density for both prevention and on-going treatment evaluation this technology is an enabler for healthcare community in Mohali with many possible applications. Try Dexa Scan in Mohali that helps you to evaluate the overall condition of your bones and be prepared for action towards a stronger, healthier tomorrow.