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Consider Acute & Ingenious Specifications

Consider Acute & Ingenious Specifications

Submitted by • November 30, 2015

To the east of Sunnyside is Budapest Park, commemorating the 1956 Hungarian uprising. Stretching west from Sunnyside you find Sir Casimir Gzowski, named for the Russian-born railway builders who helped found the Queens Plate and the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers. If you cross the Humber River bedroom idge, you will find Humber Bay Park, a 19-ha manmade park separating the Humber River and Mimico Creek mouths. Even if strolling, biking, and roller-blading aren't your thing, you can easily spend hours at Sunnyside Beach. There are plenty of trees and lots of grass, making it cooler and shadier than the Eastern Beaches. Sunnyside Café offers a place to sit by the water over cold drinks and a plate of food that is a step above standard snack-bar fare. Sure, Sunnyside is not what it once was. It's something new, something that is evolving and still iconic.

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