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Bettis RPC-Series Actuators

Bettis RPC-Series Actuators

Submitted by • May 11, 2020

Are you looking for Bettis RPC-series actuators or service kits to repair them? In that case, you won't find one easily as they are obsolete now. However, there is a perfect replacement for them. The C-series Quadrant actuators are the best replacement for your Bettis RPC-series actuators. Check out the conversion guide to know more.

The Bettis RP/RPB-Series Actuators over the years were made obsolete. Most recently, Emerson/Bettis discontinued RPC-Series Actuators in 1998 about the time Emerson Process Management purchased Bettis and took control. However, Quadrant continued to manufacture the actuator and now has the latest design: Quadrant model C-Series. Quadrant’s C-Series actuators are the latest in design of the pneumatic Rack and Pinion Actuators and are still a direct replacement for the Bettis RPC Series actuator, which are no longer available..

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