Bean Recipes: Turn your humble beans into deliciously toast topper

British like their beans bright, tangy and in the form of a tomato sauce. That’s just right for spooning over a jacket potato with a handful of cheese or, if you must, ruining a fry-up. Dried beans are a staple in any kitchen. You can store them in their dried state indefinitely, literally for years and they are very budget-friendly as well. Plus they’re really good for you. A serving of about 1/3 cup of different varieties combined, has about 80 calories and counts as part of your “5 a day” of fruits and veggies. They have no cholesterol, loads of complex carbs, no fat, lots of fibre and are a good source of protein, making them a great meatless main dish. That been said, try below given different bean recipes and make you a day a little bit more healthy!

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