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AMP Pigments: Revolutionizing the World of Mica Pearl Pigments

Mica pearl pigments are manufactured and exported all around the world by AMP Pigments, a leading brand in this pigment industry. These pigments are used in a variety of industries,... Read More

Various Industries used Glow in the Dark Pigment manufactured by AMP Pigments

AMP Pigments is a company where Glow in the Dark Pigments manufactured and exported in Countries like Vietnam, United States, Russia, Brazil, Dubai, Ethiopia, Turkey and more. Industrialists and Businessmen... Read More

Light up your Products using AMP Pigments’ Glow in the Dark Pigments

AMP Pigments manufactures Glow in the Dark Pigment commonly known as Radium Powder used in varieties of applications. AMP Pigments' glow-in-the-dark pigments are exported to numerous nations, including Vietnam, the... Read More