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Coagulants and flocculants, like polyacrylamide pam, are particularly useful to remove debris from wastewater, as they are efficient and cost-effective. The process of flocculation is one of the basic and... Read More

Calcium hypochlorite (CHC) is also known as chlorinated lime and bleaching powder. It is a white granular or tablet with a strong chlorine smell. When it is exposed to air,... Read More

We can supply NaDCC powder/NaDCC granules/NaDCC tablets for different requirements of customers. The NaDCC disinfectant tablets with the weight of 1g/5g/20g, and the NaDCC granules with the size of 8-30mesh/20-60mesh,... Read More

Sodium dichloroisocyanurate SDIC is a broad-spectrum disinfectant, sterilizer, and algicidal deodorant. It has the advantages of strong sterilization, good stability, low toxicity, and no pollution. It can quickly kill viruses,... Read More

Sodium dichloroisocyanurate dihydrate is safe to use and store, not easy to burn and belongs to non-dangerous goods. Besides, it has many merits, such as convenience use, low price, easy... Read More

TCCA granular is a kind of granular trichloroisocyanuric acid disinfectant with 90% available chlorine, which is always divided into different specifications according to the size of the particles. The particles... Read More

The effective chlorine content of TCCA tablets for sale in our company is more than 90%, so we usually call it TCCA 90 chlorine tablets. With the excellent characteristics of... Read More

TCCA Chlorine 90 is stable in storage, easy to use. Besides, it has good solubility, and good compatibility. The hydrolyzed isocyanuric acid can prevent the damaging effect of sunlight on... Read More

In order to keep the water quality clean and protect the health of swimmers, we need to treat the pool water regularly. Pool chlorine tablets are such a kind of... Read More

Trichloroisocyanuric acid (TCCA) is a new and efficient disinfectant bleach. It is often sold in tablets, powder, and granules. It has the advantages of high effective chlorine content, high sterilization... Read More