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australia immigration services

australia immigration services

Submitted by • March 27, 2020

Skilled Nominated visa subclass 190, this visa allows skilled workers who are nominated by an Australian state or territory government live and work in Australia as a permanent resident. Australia offers Permanent Residency Visa for you and whole family on which you can avail the benefit of work full time along with your spouse, Health Insurance, Education for kids and unemployment benefit etc.

To apply for Australia Subclass 190 Visa, an applicant has to meet the points test pass mark of 65 points based on Age, Qualifications, Work Experience, English Proficiency, Adoptability and Others. Also applicant should be nominated by a state or territory government agency.

The Skilled Sponsored visa is only a Permanent Resident Visa and the applicants under this category must live for first 2 years in Specified state from which he or she has been nominated.

To know more about Skilled Migration Process (Subclass 190), you can get in touch with us


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