Assamese Cuisine Traditional foods and Dishes of Assam are traditionally passes from generations t

Tekeli Pitha:
Tekeli pitha made with sesame,mixed with sugar and rice flour in a Tekeli filled with water. All these are usually made on a special festival of Assam known as Bihu which is the main festival of Assam, Assamese.
Narikol laddu:
Traditional sweet balls made with sugar and coconut and various kinds of nuts and rasins are also added for a crunch .It is popular among Assamese a perfect accompaniment to cup of hot beverage.These laddus are naturally gluten free and can be made vegan.
Tilor laddu :
Sesame seeds rich in vitamin D roasted with jaggery made like round ball a tasty sweet snack served with tea.These sweet balls rich in iron and calcium ,taste delicious with a nutty aroma .These are also offered to the deities during festivals as naivedyam.