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If you’re new to engineering, then there’s a lot of technology that you won’t have heard of. But that’s okay. I’m here to help explain the detail and functions of these innovative engineering devices so that your business is aware of how beneficial they are!

So let’s get started! What is an AC PDU?

An AC PDU, also known as an Alternating Current Power Distribution Unit, is a device used to distribute electrical power to multiple devices in a data centre, server room, or other critical environments. Is helps manage and distribute power reliably and efficiently.

How do They Work?

An AC PDU receives power from a primary power source like an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), a generator, or an electrical grid.
The PDU then distributes power to multiple output receptacles. These receptacles can be different types, depending on the devices they need to power.
Other things to Note:

Many AC PDUs include circuit breakers or fuses to protect against electrical overloads, ensuring that the connected devices are protected from power surges and faults.
Advanced models come with monitoring and management capabilities. They can monitor power usage, voltage, current, and temperature. They can also provide remote management features to control power outlets and reboot devices.
AC PDUs are often designed for rack mounting, fitting into standard 19-inch server racks. This makes them easy to integrate into existing IT infrastructure.
Why are They Needed?