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Feed Mill Notes

Feed Mill Notes

Submitted by • July 16, 2019

Feed mill notes:
1. The pulverization fineness is determined by the size of the sieve aperture. This type of pulverizer is equipped
with a variety of sieves of various apertures, which can be selected according to requirements.
2. The pulverizing rotor is a high-speed rotating component, and the hammer and other parts must be fixed firmly; in the work, metal, stone and other hard objects should be prevented from entering the machine to avoid damage.
3. The hammer piece is a wearing part, and the wear condition should be checked frequently; when the corner of the hammer piece is worn until it has no corners, it can be used for turning or turning the head, but the hammer
mounting position cannot be replaced with each other, and the new one cannot be exchanged, so as not to affect the rotor. balance.
4. When the pulverized material is longer or larger, it should be made into small pieces or small pieces to feed
people first.

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