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The Current Situation Of Public Legal Service In The Philippines

Submitted by • about 3 days ago

Are legal service aids, readily available in the Philippines? Learn more about it here.

Living Room Ideas Perfect For Your House And Lot In Batangas

Submitted by • about 1 week ago

A world class and eco-friendly tourist destination in the Southern part of Luzon, the colorful province of Batangas is a real estate jewel. One of the reasons why buyers opt for a house and lot for sale in Batangas is ...

5 Things That Make A Maritime School In The Philippines Great

5 Things That Make A Maritime School In The Philippines Great

Submitted by • about 1 week ago - Looking for a maritime school can be a bit overwhelming considering the fact that you are going to spend years of your life in it. This decision can either make or break your maritime career.

5 Things You Should Consider When Buying A House And Lot For Sale In Metro Manila

Submitted by • about 2 weeks ago

Location, location, location― it’s the mantra of every homebuyer. What better way to start your search than in the prosperous city that is Metro Manila. Yes, Manila may get a bad rap for its traffic and pollution but before you ...

Enterprise Data Management And The Role It Plays In Organizations

Submitted by • February 27, 2017

Whether you are a smalltime business or an industry giant, big data affects organizations in several ways. For instance, it allows companies to improve internal efficiency and customer service. It also tells useful information like what the customers want, which ...

Technological Advancements And How It Has Help In Market Research

Technological Advancements And How It Has Help In Market Research

Submitted by • February 27, 2017 - Market research like qualitative market research has been proven as a vital component in making business decisions. Some people may think that market research can be tedious and time consuming. Well, it is true. But what is also true is ...

The Market For Qualitative Market Research

Submitted by • February 27, 2017

The information that a business can reap from a very effective market research is invaluable. Market research, especially a qualitative one, can dictate the course of a business plan. A smart analogy of the data presented on certain market researches ...

7 Inventions That Are Shaping The Home Appliances Industry

Submitted by • February 21, 2017

Since the turn of the 21st century, home appliances in the Philippines and in the other parts of the globe have been constantly innovating. From automatic washing machines to audio clap sensitive light controls, these electronic gadgets just keep on ...

Lawyers Making Laws: A Closer Look At The Lawyers In The Senate

Submitted by • February 20, 2017

Being an attorney is probably one of the highest regarded careers in the Philippines. In fact, majority of the elected presidents, vice-presidents, and even members of the legislative department are from this profession.

4 Technologies That Will Shape The Face Of The Maritime Industry In 2017

Submitted by • February 20, 2017

The global maritime industry is going through a lot of technological breakthroughs this 2017 and the Philippines is no exception. Enroling in a maritime school would be a fun and engaging experience with the emergence of these modernizations.